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Back when I first setup and started to experiment with web hosting (using ubuntu 8.10) LAMP stack, locally here at home and in particular WordPress, I was soon to discover that I was in for a very steep learning curve! There a many add-ons for WordPress to extend its basic functionality to be more specific for your needs etc, one thing that caught my attention (but with no knowledge of its purpose!) Was the many plugins for “Google Analytics” well today (now some two years since my site went live) I have finally added Google Analytic code to my home page, blog & mediawiki (TinyTrack4) just to see what happens to drop by for a look.

I don’t recall setting this up for my blog, but I must had because there was already data from August 2009 and then nothing! I’ve certainly experimented with many plugins so is say inadvertently I’ve had something that had analytical requirements (?) So now if I remember to login to my Google account in a week or three it should be of some interest (to me!) to see what traffic is specificly targeting me (bots vs real users)

So if I remember, I’ll blog my first data collection. I do use awstats (restricted to my LAN) and that certainly provides me with more information I know what to do with!

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