Hardware companies, Microsoft, Competition and Consumer Choice

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One of the biggest things that I feel is that makes Linux an unattractive alternate, there is too much choice! yes you have main stream distributions that most tend to stick with, but then you also have a lot of not so main stream as well. Now, don’t get me wrong here, but the issue is that to the unaware consumer just what is Linux? “something that a geek uses!” and it is with this, “image” of Linux it will not be taken on as a majority OS.

I actually appreciate that as an individual you have a choice!  🙂

Now when I recently purchased 2 Eee PC’s (701SD) they came bundled with Xandros pre-installed, I gave Xandros a run for about 2 hours then I was installing Easy Peasy (remix of Ubuntu Intrepid) But what made me go down this path was that although the Xandros OS was functional, upon the first update out of the 3 repo’s only one was still available (the other 2 returned 404’s) so ASUS or Xandros (what ever the arrangement is) has not maintained the repository server a mere 2 years out from the 701 initial release. For me this was simple replace Xandros with Ubuntu! but my point being, is that even though Linux made its appearance on the Netbook scene, its support has not been followed up (no doubt due to lack of sales) I’m sure to that those with enough knowledge have either replaced the default Xandros with Windows and save themselves a few dollars in doing so.

So what is the answer to this? and how can it be changed?

Well in the short term, I don’t think there is anything “one” can really do to make a significant change to the status quo… However, as a unified “community” I believe we can!

So back to the issue, I’m not a lawyer! but there has to be something tucked away in the murky depths of consumer law that permits the consumer to be able to have a “choice” in what they want…

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