Hmm… have I made a mistake?

I’m not sure if I was lured by some weird attraction or if I’m showing signs madness! But I’ve decided to use the “official’ Telstra FroYo update! So you may ask, “what’s the issue with that?” … Well for starters this is not a rooted ROM, however it can made into one (thanks to the UnRevoked team!) also you can apply the “s-off” mod. So again the fact that this can be achieved, in effect this makes the stock ROM like any other customized ROM, pretty cool so far huh?

So as I use root explorer, it was time to dispose of all that cruft that Telstra insist we must have! as for some reason they (Telstra) seem to think that a web links are applications! So I’ve removed all their stuff out of the /system/app (I kept backups just in case the SHTF)

So after removing the Telstra cruft, I’ve just got to find a pretty bootanimation to replace the Telstra “One Click” (that has that annoying sound embedded into the image!) And also find a suitable replacement for the s-off splash image, then my personalisation are complete.

So here is the software info for the release…


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One response to “Hmm… have I made a mistake?”

  1. Scott Evans Avatar
    Scott Evans

    It appears that I did! the Dalvik cache is still stored on the phones internal memory so you soon run out of space for apps… I’m now back using T-Mod

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