Icinga 1.0 & Icinga-web 0.9.1 alpha

With just 8 days until the release of Icinga 1.0 & Icinga-Web 0.9.1 alpha. lets reflect on what has been worked on over the last month and a half…

  • core: create webserver conf.d dir if not existing
  • core: output the correct config parameter name on error message
  • core: run dos2unix on spec file
  • core: check /proc/$pid instead of lock file while waiting for shutdown
  • core: fix cgi/config.c typo
  • core: fix typo in cgi/cmd.c
  • core: applied nagios patches after 3.2.0
  • idoutils: change default data_processing_options in idomod.cfg
  • idoutils: fix missing query arguments in servicecheck query
  • idoutils: fix thisversion and perl path generation in db install scripts
  • idoutils: change db README to docs.icinga.org
  • idoutils: fix wrong debug output in db_hello()
  • idoutils: fix duplicate rows in table servicecheck
  • idoutils: fix duplicate rows in table systemcommands, timedevents, timedeventqueue (missing unique keys)
  • idoutils: add upgrade path/sql queries for unique key failure – check the docs for upgrading information
  • idoutils: Oracle improvents:
  • add prepared statements for most called queries

– hoststatus
– servicestatus
– hostchecks
– servicechecks
– timedevents*
– contact_notificationcommands
– programstatus

  • modify data[] to get unixtimestamps only
  • rewrite prepared statement queries to use SELECT unixts2date(unixtimestamp) FROM DUAL
  • allow rebinding of params in prepared statement for multi execution
  • prepared statement at db init
  • bind params the correct way
  • execute binded statement query instead of plain MERGE statement
  • code is now the same as NDOUtils Oracle, but with

– better code base (actual NDOUtils code)
– long_output
– SSL support
– better library: ocilib instead of own driver
– more prepared statements/bind param queries

  • split code into ocilib OR libdbi

–enable-oracle during configure decides which rdbm lib will be used

So as you can see there has been a lot of refinement in the Core. This of course goes with much thanks to Icinga team!

So if you can’t wait until the official release of these two additions to the Icinga project, then you can always get a copy of the current Git repository and experiment a little!

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