Icinga 1.0 RC1 awaits you!

The much awaited release of Icinga 1.0 RC1  is now available for download!

New features/updates implemented in this release are… (see Changelog for more detail)

  • Oracle support with oclilib
  • SSL support
  • idoutils: fix typecast bug – unsigned long is bigger then int
  • idoutils: fix oracle notif_timeperiod_object_id (30 chars max)
  • idoutils: fix oracle table serviceescalationcontactgroups (30 chars max)
  • idoutils: fix hoststatus/servicestatus/servicecheck unique constraint updating mismatch
  • idoutils: fix insert_or_update queries where update violates unique constraint
  • idoutils: remove and ignore oracle table_prefix (30 chars max)
  • idoutils: workaround to handle more than 4k Data which may exceed service outputs incl. long perf_data
  • core init: delete ‘su’ usage since all previously su touched files were created by the icinga user
  • idoutils: fix unescape bug during tabstops
  • idoutils: fix idomod/icinga segfault while try to use ssl on unix sockets
  • core configure: set INIT_OPTS depending on detected host OS (no more root:root on FreeBSD?)
  • idoutils: fix case insensitive comparison in MySQL using BINARY
  • idoutils: change ido2db.cfg: ndo2db_[user|group] to ido2db_[user|group]
  • core web: fix missing gif icon copy

Please Note: if you are upgrading from an earlier release, you will need to update the user config in ido2db.cfg from ndo2db_[user|group] to ido2db_[user|group]

As always your feedback is welcome! if you have suggestions or improvements please communicate these via the icinga-devel

mailing list and should you have any trouble with installing/compiling then please use the icinga-users mailing list.

More details to follow soon about the new Icinga-web UI…

From the Icinga Team … Enjoy!

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