I'm now an Icinga team member!

Hi, I have recently been invited to join the Icinga team to assist with blogging, twittering and general marketing of Icinga. I feel very privileged to be asked to assist with this project in this way! and I hope that I can bring some reality with all the technical talk! OK so maybe just my understanding 😀

So a little about me ???

Name: Scott Evans

I’m Male, 33 years old, Married! I live in Tasmania, Australia and my interests are self teaching (myself) the ways of ubuntu (both server and desktop) I’ve been running my own email/web server now for about 18 months and have been using Icinga since the initial release! I’ve also been using ubuntu since Dapper 6.06LTS. Although I’m not from a technical background, I strive to learn! (this is something I never did in high school!) also as an Amateur Radio enthusiast, I have a good knowledge on networking, as part of my hobby includes Packet Radio this is like wifi, just a lot slower! (1200 baud.) on a single frequency!

So I’ll be updating regularly on the new and upcoming features that will be in future releases of Icinga…  Stay tune for more updates soon 🙂


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