InsertCoinHD an Android HTC Desire ROM

Just for a small change I’ve decided to give a HTC Sense ROM a spin just to really remind me why I prefer AOSP over Sense.  So as the main ROM I previously used to use hasn’t been updated in some time I scoured the XDA forums for some alternate HTC Sense ROMs, I settled on InsertCoinHD release 2.0.0

So what makes this ROM unique? well it’s a port of the HTC Desire HD. So that was enough for me to give it a go…

The two screen shots would certainly be familiar to those who use the HTC Sense UI so it’s not really that much different in general, just a few menu differences in a few places compared to the HTC Sense that is stock on the Desire.

This ROM does suffer from lag in the UI, making it sometimes appear like is frozen or that you hadn’t activated what you intended so that’s is one thing that really stands out by comparison to an AOSP ROM.

Graphically, it’s very much alike to the release of Sense that is provided (stock HTC Desire ROM) with the HTC Desire, anyhow I’ll give it a run for a little bit and see if HTC Sense can win me back!



EDIT: Due to suffering badly from lag, I’ve hove switched over to StarBurst although this is an older release of HTC Sense and Android 2.2 it’s a lot more snappier than InsertCoinHD is… I’ll take a look again once the N1 Gingerbread update is pushed out so that the graphics driver is included this should fix some of the slow graphic rendering…

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