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If you are a user of Internode and happen to use the GNOME desktop? Well you may have noticed on your fresh install of Jaunty, that the GNOME usage meter from Sam Pohlenz will not install correctly with python 2.6. The problem is that this application was written for python 2.4, so to resolve this you need to simply install the python2.4-dev package, then when you run the install script use the following… [sudo python2.4 install] then all will install as expected 🙂

So if you are a user of Internode you can grab yourself a copy of this GNOME usage meter from and again keep tabs on your monthly quota!

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  1. Installation Instructions

    Firstly, make sure you have the following installed:
    – Python (>= 2.3)
    – GNOME 2
    – PyGTK
    – Any additional gnome-python-extras or python-gnome-extras
    packages for your system.

    Extract the archive and run the following as root:

    # python install

    You should now be able to right-click on your GNOME panel, choose
    ‘Add to Panel’ and select the Internode Usage Meter Applet.

    If the applet does not appear in the list, try running the following:
    # bonobo-slay
    # killall gnome-panel

    Good luck and enjoy!

    Sam Pohlenz

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