Internode Usage Meter for GNOME updated! (ver1.7)

From time to time, err OK, well when I remember to check the site for any updates to the Internode Usage Meter for GNOME. I was pleasantly surprised today to notice that the Usage Meter has recently been updated  and now supports the newly introduced Internode Easy Plan. So again keeping tabs on my 30Gib monthly quota has returned! 🙂

To get a hold of this updated version please visit … Internode Usage Meter for GNOME





2 responses to “Internode Usage Meter for GNOME updated! (ver1.7)”

  1. Quail Avatar

    I am still waiting for internode to do the API code for supporting NodeMobile so the usage meter developers can include that into there code 🙂

  2. Scott Evans Avatar

    Yeah that’s a little annoying! … I’ve also noticed on the current version 1.7 of the GNOME usage it claims I have 28610 when I would have thought it should have been 30000 :/

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