Is there an answer ??? (for Clare)

I normally wouldn’t make a blog post like this one as I’m going to be ranting about how I feel that both Clare & I have been let down when she was at her lowest point.

Yesterday, Clare was admitted to the Royal Hobart Hospital by ambulance. Her condition was serious, after weeks of not being able to eat & drink has left her badly dehydrated & malnourished. Now 24 hours later, she is now stable and coherent.

This whole process has been going on now since Easter, and in the last two weeks have been the worst, a week ago I requested an ambulance to take her to emergency, only to be question why I had done so. As Clare was still breathing & and able to move etc… this was not what I needed at that time, I understood the line of questioning but felt that for this situation it was in called for. Ironically, that one week later she required transporting and the crew that collected her from our local G.P. was nothing but supportive! I’m just disappointed the last experience wasn’t.

This has taught me a lesson…

I’m not allowing Clare to be discharged from hospital until she is fully capable in eating & drinking without the nausea, vomiting. This may be challenging, but I’m not entertaining a repeat of this last week.

I’ve intentionally have been brief because as I said in the beginning, this is not a normal posting …

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5 responses to “Is there an answer ??? (for Clare)”

  1. darkrose Avatar

    Hi Scott, just wanted to send good wishes and such, hope Clare is home and well before too long. 🙂

  2. Kevin Macphail Avatar

    I agree, the main problem lies with the hospital bosses and polititians treating people like statistics. Their target is to free up X ammount of beds, so people who are unfit are sent home, very often without any form of care packages. It is a horrible thought that we are simply unwanted items on an inventory to these people.

  3. Scott Evans Avatar

    To the Royal’s credit that I didn’t mention is that Clare has had many investigations to pinpoint the issue at hand, just nothing has presented as one/multiple reasons for her current condition. There is no fault to the nursing staff, as I can testify to that myself after spending the best part of nine months in/out of 1B South (Oncology ward)
    But Kevin, I do agree with your comments, some do are discharged in such manor, this never happened to me, but to a degree it has to Clare, as she had spent a fortnight admitted back in August… 🙁

  4. gamerchick02 Avatar

    I hope she gets better.

    I send good thoughts your way.


  5. Scott Evans Avatar
    Scott Evans

    Yay we have an answer to Clare’s troubles, now the medical team need to work out a treatment plan /

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