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Hydro Tasmania records historic before-tax profit of $238 million


ENERGY giant Hydro Tasmania has recorded the largest profit in its history.

The company is crediting increased revenue from renewable exports, the carbon price and increased exports across the Bass Strait for a $238 million before-tax profit for the 2012-2013 financial year.

The result will bring an expected return to the Tasmanian Government during the 2013-2014 year of $263 million — including a dividend of $116 million.

During 2012-13, the business returned $125 million, including a dividend of $51 million.

Hydro Tasmania chair David Crean said Hydro Tasmania expected to return more than $450 million to the state in the next two years.

“This was a year in which the true value of the state’s 100-year investment in renewable energy was finally realised,” Dr Crean said.

“The performance is also notable for the increased proportion of our revenue and profit which comes from the mainland.

“At the same time we continue to be a major purchaser of Tasmanian goods and services with almost $125 million spent locally during the year.” Deputy Premier Bryan Green said today record returns from the Hydro to Tasmanian taxpayers demonstrated the importance of keeping the business in public hands.

“This shows the enormous value of Hydro Tasmania and the dividends it pays helps ensure the Government is able to invest in core services like hospitals, schools and police,” Mr Green said.

“That is why we have decided not to sell or break up Hydro Tasmania or privatise our network of poles and wires that deliver electricity to homes and businesses around the state.”

Key results

OPERATING profit before fair value movement and tax: $238 million

OPERATING cash flow : $262 million

CAPITAL works on hydro asset program : $58 million

TOTAL group revenue : $1578 million

RETURNS to government 2012/13 $125 million

EXPECTED returns to government 2013-14: $263 million

Sourced from The Mercury

Is it any wonder why when the topic of power price gets a mention most people just see red! This latest figure clearly shows that the Tasmanian Government is gouging as much money possible before the electricity market becomes open to commercial competition (if that still goes ahead) Tasmanians have been feeling the pinch for too long when it comes to electricity costs and this report simply rubs salt into those wounds.

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