I’ve Got a Towbar! Holden Vectra

The Towbar kit I recently ordered from Towbars Australia, arrived yesterday. So today was the task of seeing if I could fit it without the need for assistance from a professional fitter. The good news… I did! Now way back when I purchased my Holden Vectra, I was given the option of getting a towbar fitted, but chose to not worry about it as I (at that time) had no need for one. Now eleven years on, you guessed it I now require one! So what were my options… As the make of my vehicle has been discontinued since 2002/03, the official manufacturers was well out of the question due to the outrageous price ($450 just for the towbar alone) so I chose to search for an aftermarket towbar. So here’s to the power of the internet (GIYF = Google Is Your Friend) I found an Australian company that had plenty of range for all makes & models that sold exclusively “Install Yourself Kits” so this was the best option, the towbar was $298 and $50 freight.

Here’s a few shots of the installation…






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