Just another test!

Because I’ve recently had issues with the WP-Twitter plugin, I’ve now got a work around with thanks to Brooke for the suggestion you using YOURLs to announce to the world via Twitter that yet again I’m making noise!

So now to address identi.ca, the same plugin I was using for Twitter also had the ability to post to identi.ca now this to appears to have stopped working at some point. So I’ve grabbed identi.ca tools to see if this will get me by for the blog announcements … well only the result of this post will confir/deny if it works as stated it “should” (yes I’m highly sceptical about this!)

So again because this is another test post…  here is another image to make the visit semi worthwhile !!!


2 responses to “Just another test!”

    • Yes, but I had identi.ca connected to Twitter so there was a double post to Twitter. So I’ve unlinked identi.ca so that “should” fix that 😉

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