Kubuntu Karmic Alpha4

I’m usually a GNOME user, and until recently I’ve been keeping an eye on the developments with KDE4.3 I have to admit there has been some good work done to this desktop since it’s first release! (view this like a person who has had limited experience with KDE!) So far the only major issue I have struck is that the video that’s on board is an ATI! (ASUS M3A76-CM motherboard with an AMD 7750+ x2 Athlon CPU) and the latest ATI Catalyst™ Display Driver (17/08/2009) fails to install leaving you with a rather broken XORG 🙁 So no pretty 3D eye candy just yet!

I use Skype a fair bit, and I was happy to find that it worked! but then I  installed FireFox 3.5 (this pulled in a lot of other GNOME packages) and now Skype fails to load with a sound library issue! (libasound2) so at this point it appears that FireFox and Skype don’t co-habitate… so after writing this post it’s good bye FireFox 3.5 🙁

I’ve failed to mention that I’m running this under x86_64 as i want the full potential out of my hardware! I’ve noticed that the CPU(s) only idle, in that they really don’t have much load so this is good! memory usage is just on 750Mb out of 4Gb (swap partition not being used!) so I’m happy with that! those results are considerably different to when I was running it under i386 (ubuntu 9.04)  the CPU(s) used ti idle around 15% each when doing essentially nothing!

So I’m liking what I see thus far, and it will be interesting to see how things develop as time goes on…

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