Kubuntu Karmic Alpha5 on Eee PC 701SD

as of today I have installed kubuntu karmic alpha5 onto my Eee PC 701SD. I’ve used the standard desktop install not the netbook version! the first issue I struck was that my WAP is old, and it only uses 40 bit WEP. Now the default network manager wouldn’t connect, even though I had selected the options that should have worked! so what was the problem? it looks like the network manager is using 128 bit WEP so here in lies my problem!

I’ve managed to bypass this issue by installing wicd this has allowed the needed 40 bit WEP that I require to connect to my LAN! I’ve used the version available in the karmic repo’s and so far all is working well…

I am liking KDE 4.3 so far! (always used GNOME!) so still have a little tweaking to do on the Eee but so far it’s looking good, running smoothly and boot time is impressive! (I haven’t done an official timing just yet!) but I have a working desktop well under 30 seconds (as a guess!)

So the Karmic path is shaping up well, and I’m looking forward to the official release in late October…




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