Lekhonee & WordPress

Normally when I make a blog post I either log into my blog from my desktop PC or I use my Android phone. I have been searching for a program that can utilise the XMLRPC function of WordPress, thus far I’ve discovered GNOME-Blog and now Lekhonee.

Gnome-Blog is very basic when used with WordPress to the point that really makes it rather useless as it’s easier to just log into your blog and use the function of WordPress! Lekhonee however adds much more function to the mix.
As an example, I’ve taken some screen shots whilst creating this post. There are three tab views available Visual, HTML & Preview each view allowing you to see and edit the content to your liking.
The one thing I noticed when attaching an image, Lekhonee is expecting a URL
However in my case when I’m making this blog entry I’m wanting to use a local image from my PC I have to upload it to my blog and then grab the URL this is kind of silly because the whole point is I want to use a program to write blog posts not use my web browser. I’ve just rechecked what I just said in the previous sentence, and there is the option to upload a file under the edit option, where as “Insert Image” results in the image above!
I’m also not seeing anywhere to add tags for the post, as with WordPress you can set a category and a tag, it looks like Lekhonee doesn’t have the support for tags! not a show stopper, but would be nice if it did use this function. SO this blog post was done in Lekhonee, but the images were uploaded to my blog separately (I should have used the attach function!) So why not give Lekhonee a try? it supports both self hosted WordPress and WordPress.com blogs… 🙂
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