Liberals Question Carbon Tax

LIBERAL energy spokesman Matthew Groom has demanded to know why Tasmanians will pay carbon tax on the mostly carbon-free electricity generated in Tasmania.

It was confirmed last week that half of the 10.5 per cent increase in power prices about $125 a year for the average household is because of the carbon tax.

But Mr Groom pointed out that Tasmanians operate on more than 80 per cent renewable energy.

“The whole point of the carbon tax is to transition to renewable energy yet Tasmanians have already made and paid for that transition, with our energy companies still holding more than $2 billion of debt as a result,” he said.

Government spokesman Matthew Sullivan explained that electricity producer Hydro would not be subject to the carbon tax, as its hydro-electric and wind power generation methods did not emit carbon.

But he said Aurora, which buys electricity from Hydro to sell to Tasmanian customers, would attract a share of the tax because it runs the gas-fired Tamar Valley Power Station, which does emit carbon.

Meanwhile, families with incomes of up to $150,000 a year will be better off under the carbon tax, according to Treasurer Wayne Swan.

A Treasury analysis reveals half of all families earning up to $150,000 will be over compensated for the carbon tax with tax cuts and welfare changes equivalent to 120 per cent of the expected cost.

Sourced from The Mercury

So just how short of a memory does the Liberal Party think we (the public) have forgotten the policy that the Liberals wanted to implement back in the late 90″s. Lets just recap, they wanted to fully privatise Aurora,Transend & Hydro hence the reason the original Hydro was split into three separate entities. Now they (Liberals) want us to believe that they really have our interest first and not just point scoring in the hopes of maybe winning the next (whenever it be) state election!

However why wasn’t the questions raised before the regulator rubber stamped the approval would have been the better approach… 😐

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