LinuxMint 9 on my Eee PC 701SD

Just to test out the latest release of LinuxMint 9 So I’ve installed this on my Eee PC 701SD to give it a try. As this is an Ubuntu derivative, there is no real new features as such, just a different set of default applications and layout for GNOME.

So here is a screen shot, the layout having only one bar alone the bottom (much like MS Windows) the only addition I have added to the default install is Dropbox. The first thing I noticed when bringing the system up to date the mirror sites clearly have limited the bandwidth, because the average transfer was only 10-15Kb so in all it took just over 3 hours to update just on 300 packages. So this is a major backlash because I get around 800-900Kb transfer from Internode’s mirror (unfortunately Internode are not a LinuxMint repository mirror) So if I was to make one complaint, the repository mirror bandwidth could be improved as to wait around 3 hours to update is a little excessive.

So LinuxMint won’t stay for long on the Eee, but it certainly has improved since I last looked at it (I think that was version 4)

2 thoughts on “LinuxMint 9 on my Eee PC 701SD”

  1. I’ve used LinuxMint since 5 on my laptop. I love it. There isn’t anything wrong with Ubuntu I’ve just become attached to the layout and extras LinuxMint gives me. Glad you gave it a try.

  2. iirc version 4 was based off Hardy ? and had dark backgrounds but overall I can see it has a slightly nicer visual concept, but that mirror limit is the main killer here as my ISP has repo mirrors for most of the major Linux distros. But that’s the benefit with Linux, you are free to choose what you like šŸ™‚

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