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Living on the bleeding edge

For some time now I’ve been using Arch Linux for my desktop pc. For those who have no idea what that is/means then go back to your coffee/tea and come back in 5 minutes! No seriously, Arch is just a distribution of Linux aimed at being minimalistic so you build your desktop to what you want. Arch is a bleeding edge distribution that pretty much has the latest software that’s generally available. Now this is great for the person who prefers to have a constant stream of updates (aka rolling distribution) However some prefer a slightly slower release that hopefully has a higher level of stability. This is where Arch can bite you (big time) if you don’t pay close attention to the pending updates, as was the case for me about a month or so ago. The ln board graphics chip is a dreaded ATI (my first time for this chip type) as previously I’ve had Nvidia cards. Anyway there was the April ATI update awaiting and not giving it the attention that I normally would I allowed it to be applied. At this point all looked like a normal update until I rebooted (included a kenel update) and this is when my trouble began!

Being rather optimistic, I figured that within a day or three there would be a patch to fix the segmentation fault I was now getting from xorg-server. Now my Minecraft server resides on this pc so I needed to keep that running so I opted to use my Eee PC for what I believed to be a temporary period until a fix came through. So today I decided to tackle the problem with the intention of getting the existing software to behave as it should. After a few hours of no result it was getting to the point where a re installation would be the better solution rather than going around in circles (as I was)

15 minutes later and “Bingo!” was back in business. All that was required now was to restore the data backup and install a few programmes.

I suppose if there’s a moral to the story it’s be aware that the bleeding edge will at times give you grief!  😀

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