Lucid Lynx a little unstable?

Ok after some hair pulling (not that I have much !) I’ve managed to get Lucid installed on my desktop! 🙂  I struck all the issue that were mentioned in the “Known Issues” but I did manage to circumnavigate a workaround to get me going…

All was going just fine until the Alternative Installer wanted to setup GRUB2, this is where I was getting an warning claiming that had not selected a drive to install GRUB2 onto! I was never prompted to do so…  So if you simply attempt to re-run that section, you just end up in a continuous loop! The solution… install LILO (Yuk I know!) but at least this will give you a way to boot into your fresh install of the Lucid Lynx.

Once I had this shinny new install starring back at me, I promptly went about bringing the Alpa2 base to the current available…  in theory this should have just been a simple task, but no again I was left with a very broken system! So in disgust I simply called it a night.

The following morning, I started the PC and booted into the recovery console, from here I then managed to bring the system up to date from packages that had been updated whilst I slumbered… and yes… yes… WHOHOO!!! it booted as one expected! err… well until I ran the next lot of updates and was left in a broken state (again!) but I simply repeated what I had done the night before and well here I am… now using Lucid Lynx 🙂

Although my efforts where not that difficult to overcome, it did make me realise that I was maybe just a little too keen to get there and maybe I should have just awaited the release of Alpha3 ??? Oh and yes I did manage to get grub2 installed once the system was booted into Lucid  😉




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