Lucid Lynx Hobart release party

On Friday (30th April) the first Ubuntu release party held at the Black Buffalo Hotel in Hobart. The gathering was only small (4 people!) but at least it was a start…

Those present (Left-Right) Scott Evans, Clare Evans, Gloria Bielenberg & Cary Bielenberg

Both Gloria & Cary had travelled from Queensland to be here! err… ok they were in Tasmania for a well deserved wedding anniversary! (Holiday) So arrangements were made in advance. The evening was enjoyed by all with many topics discussed both Linux and non-Linux related I look forward to catching up again…   😀






3 responses to “Lucid Lynx Hobart release party”

  1. Cary Bielenberg Avatar
    Cary Bielenberg

    Yep it was good night, great company (how could it not be good company when you use Ubuntu) might come back for 11.04 release. Does anyone want to join me?


  2. Andrew Avatar

    Great stuff Scott, that was our first attendance number in Brisbane, it can only get bigger.
    Wishing you luck for the next meeting.

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