Maisie’s Vet Adventure (yearly checkup)

Yesterday I had the task of taking Maisie to the vet for her yearly checkup and shots.  Now I suppose the norm for such an event is that one struggles to get her into the cat carrier etc, etc…

Well no, as Maisie is quite accustomed to her carrier, although surprisingly as we use it rarely, she doesn’t mind getting into it but then once the door is shut she has lost the decision to leave!

So Maisie got her feline flu vaccination along with a worming tablet and this year I decided to take the precaution to have her immunised against feline HIV. So the visit was longer than the normal time that she is used to, but Maisie was extremely well behaved and even fell asleep in the carrier while we waited for the blood test results.

Here’s a couple of pictures I snapped while at the vet (sitting in the car waiting for the results) and once we returned home…


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