Me TV 0.9.4~beta4

Here’s the current list of fixes for this beta…

* Fixed xine audio/video driver saving in preferences dialog
* Added logging to NIT code
* Added scrolled window to scan results tree
* Added Terrestrial/Cable delivery system descriptor parser
* Wrapping database updates in a BEGIN/END transaction block for better performance
* Removed SaveThread code, no longer required
* Accepting empty text encoding as ‘auto’

Screenshot-About Me TV

Versions from here on in are targeted for Ubuntu Karmic. However, I’m still back porting to Jaunty. So to get yourself a copy of this application you can visit Launchpad and either download the source code or pre-compiled i386 .deb package. Or if you want to be kept up to date without the need to regularly check the launchpad site you could add the following ppa to your apt source for the Stable release, or . for the Beta releases. The choice is yours!

Screenshot-Me TV - ABC1(ABC) - Live At The Basement


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