Me TV 1.01 Karmic (test build)

I’m currently in the process of a development test build for Me Tv This should address the following issues that have been reported since the initial stable release that was in the universe repositories…

  • Updated intltool
  • Applied Martin Pitt’s patch for duplicate ids
  • Updated include order in channels.h to allow compile in recent kernel
  • Ignoring scheduled recording check for same scheduled recording (LP: #437142)
  • Added iIGNORE_SQLITE3_THREADSAFE_CHECK to disable sqlite3_threadsafe check for Hardy compile (LP: #433996)
  • Added support for EPG in Hong Kong from Raymond Tau (LP: #477388)
  • Set timeout for EPG events to 1 second (LP: #434994)
  • Moved DB to .local/share/me-tv (LP: #486247)
  • Added schema file for GConf (LP: #460612)
  • Default channel on startup and device change is now device specific (LP: #486838)

These builds will be available on my PPA (launchpad) in the next day or two…

update: the source has been uploaded to the PPA a few minutes ago!

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