Me TV 1.3.0 new UI layout and more…

Ok so it has bee a while since I have mentioned Me TV, but I’m still actively packaging for the project and have recently been asked if I’d like to take over the Debian maintainer roll. I accepted this as it will lead to the possibility of becoming a Debian Developer.

Here are some screen shots to show how the user interface has been reworked…

Notice in the image above that the old tool bar that used to be along the top has now moved to the bottom, and it is only displayed when you move the mouse over the active Me TV session. the tool bar then disappears after a period of 5 seconds leaving you with a larger display area for the content.

So for using Me TV on smaller screens like those of Eee PC’s this optimises the limited screen real estate  😉

Get the latest source for Me TV here and there are also PPA’s for Ubuntu Karmic, Lucid & Maverick here… or if you happen to be using ubuntu karmic (or higher) you can simply add this repository by pasting the following into the terminal …  ‘sudo apt-add-repository ppa:me-tv-development/ppa && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install me-tv‘ then you will have the latest available version, as the one currently in the ubuntu repos is quite old and there have been many issues fixed since that release! I’ve also pushed Me TV 1.3.0 to Debian Mentors this is still awaiting review, but one that has been accepted then version 1.3.0 will be available in Debian Sid/experimental.

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3 Responses to Me TV 1.3.0 new UI layout and more…

  1. Scott Evans says:

    Me TV 1.3.0-1 was approved into Debian sid/experimental see for further details …
    UPDATE: Me TV 1.3.1-1 is in both Debian Unstable & Testing for Ubuntu the later version is available from the link above, for Ubuntu Maverick the default version in the repository is version 1.3.1-1 so if you want 1.3.2 then you will need to add the PPA listed above…

  2. natura says:

    I am brand New to Suse 11.3 with very little linux exp. I have a Dvico pci-e 5 gold card. It came with a couple pre-installed TV programs that didn’t work for me. I tried several others that also didn’t work. I them tried yours also downloaded through yast and BOOM I had TV. Thank You. I do not know if this info is helpful to you, but it case it is that is why I shared. OH! Also, One great big THANK You. : )

  3. Scott Evans says:

    Active development of Me TV has ceased! I’m no longer maintaining Debian packages and it’s been flagged as orphaned and will eventually be removed from future Debian releases.

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