1. Me TV 1.3.0-1 was approved into Debian sid/experimental see http://packages.qa.debian.org/m/me-tv.html for further details …
    UPDATE: Me TV 1.3.1-1 is in both Debian Unstable & Testing for Ubuntu the later version is available from the link above, for Ubuntu Maverick the default version in the repository is version 1.3.1-1 so if you want 1.3.2 then you will need to add the PPA listed above…

  2. natura

    I am brand New to Suse 11.3 with very little linux exp. I have a Dvico pci-e 5 gold card. It came with a couple pre-installed TV programs that didn’t work for me. I tried several others that also didn’t work. I them tried yours also downloaded through yast and BOOM I had TV. Thank You. I do not know if this info is helpful to you, but it case it is that is why I shared. OH! Also, One great big THANK You. : )

  3. Active development of Me TV has ceased! I’m no longer maintaining Debian packages and it’s been flagged as orphaned and will eventually be removed from future Debian releases.

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