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Me TV 1.3.6-1 available on

Today I have pushed Me TV 1.3.6-1 to

ChangeLog extract…

  • Fix for shifting EPG events outside before/after
  • Removed ellipsis from first event
  • Attempting to create recording file on write rather than ChannelStream constructor

This should land into Debian Sid/Unstable within a few days, Also updates for Ubuntu are available on LaunchPad

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26 January 2011 at 02:32

to main/m/me-tv/me-tv_1.3.6-1.debian.tar.gz
to main/m/me-tv/me-tv_1.3.6-1.dsc
to main/m/me-tv/me-tv_1.3.6-1_amd64.deb
to main/m/me-tv/me-tv_1.3.6.orig.tar.gz

Override entries for your package:
me-tv_1.3.6-1.dsc – source video
me-tv_1.3.6-1_amd64.deb – extra video

Announcing to

Thank you for your contribution to Debian.

7 May 2012 at 03:54

I was trying to find newer version of me-tv because current version seems to be broken after last upgrade. I tried to compile it on my own but of course I couldn’t manage to do that.
So If I understood correctly you are maintainer and maybe you have better luck with compiling new version and you can even push it to the debian repositories.

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