More Android ramblings…

By now you are either sick of me talking about Android, or have moved away due to the fact that I’m such a BORING person! 😉

But anyhow I made a blog post a while back on how I unlocked (read as gave freedom!) to my HTC-Desire, ell I;m now going to expand on what I have been up to with my phone since then…

The first non official (meaning not provided by my carrier) was Official HTC |Rooted Android 2.2 (FroYo) ROM [Market issue fixed]| FROYO – HTC SENSE Link This was in sense pretty much what I had with the stock Telstra ROM 1.15.841.14 – Stock ROM on Initial Release (Apr 21 2010) but minus the bloat from Telstra. Now because I had given my phone the freedom it deserved! I then started looking into ROM’s targeted specifically for the HTC-Desire.

This led me to the following OpenDesire Team |Official Froyo HTC Sense ROM v1.0c| FROYO – HTC SENSE Link Now this was pretty much like the one above, but had some small faults in that the default wallpapers were not available and some applications wouldn’t install or would occasionally FC (Force Close) So with that I wasn’t too happy with it but I did like the HTC Plurk application, this has not been included in any other ROM I have since tried, so I’m using a 3rd party application for that now, but the advantage with the HTC version, was that it linked into the Friend Stream so there was no need to specifically use a 3rd party application to achieve the same.

The next ROM to experiment with was OpenDesire FROYO – NO SENSE Link Ok I should have noticed the key words here… NO SENSE! meaning that it was not using the HTC sense UI but the Android default (at least I think that is what it is called) So it was fairly basic in appearance to the HTC Sense UI but still very functional, I just like the eye candy of the Sense, So I did do much experimenting with this version.

The current ROM I’m now using is LeeDrOiD |(04/08 l Official HTC 2.2 l Fast l Stable! l A2SD+)| FROYO – HTC SENSE Link with Carbon theme with battery C! I’m totally wrapped with this ROM! there has been a lot of work go into the added applications that are not part of the HTC Sense UI so its almost a hybrid of the HTC Sense with some Classic Android UI applications included so you have the choice over what you use for any given action etc… the only thing I had to do was to reset the default APN for Telstra as the one provided in the ROM works fine for 3G access but not for viewing account data, but one reset it works as it should. 🙂

I’ve not provided any images because you will see what each ROM appearance is when you follow the links provided! 😉





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