New Domain Name

I’m currently in the process of transferring my self hosted server to Gandi (domain and hosting) so there’s going to be some content that will no longer be available. I’m used to hosting my own server and have enjoyed it for the last 9 years but the costs of running gear and maintaining it has got to the point where It’s cheaper to off load it to someone else and free up some time on my end.  Things that will go are Gallery3 and the phpBB Forum as I no longer use either and I’ve not been maintaining them anyway.

I was going to make this a fresh start, but there’s some content on this blog that still get hits so I figured that the original content should stay so it’s still available. I’m also hoping that the content with try to stay away from politics as the blog has been pretty much dominated by local and national events that have annoyed me or I’ve felt that I must say something! as with all things there’s no guarantees! 😉





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