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New (old) UPS on Server!

I received a generous donation of a SOLA-330 UPS yesterday! (Thanks Matt)  this has been deployed and is now in-line with my Server,  DSL & Switch.  So now those pesky outages won’t cause unnecessary downtime!

Now I just need to get the pin-out for the serial interface to the UPS so I can configure the server to shutdown if the power is out for longer time than the UPS can provide!


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24 January 2009 at 17:25

GLad ya have it hooked up and going, will at least keep the power spikes from upsetting you..

You got that cable going yet ?

and should I dare say it the NUT configured…oooppps

should have read – configured nut yet 🙂

24 January 2009 at 22:03

Well… Yes I’ve made up the cable from the circuit you gave me but it doesn’t seem to be working as expected (?) If I configure NUT for the recommended driver it doesn’t find the UPS, but if I use the generic ups driver 1 I get the status it’s online but it I use your recommended of No.6 it constantly attemps to reboot as it flags as a low battery state thus signalling to shut down! Anyway a little bit of tweaking and I’m sure it will come together!

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