North East Dundas Tramway – an engineering account

When on the west coast I have walked this former line from the Williamsford end many times. Strangely every time I have been there it seems to be a different experience each time!

North East Dundas Tramway – an engineering account.

I have also attempted back in 1997 to drive in from the Dundas end however, it’s a 4×4 track! and I was attempting it in a 2×4 front wheel drive car! (stupid I know!) I got  a fair way along until I managed to fill the distributor with water and came to a rather sudden stop in a large puddle!

The walk from Williamsford is a gentle one with a few creek crossings. Along the way there are many reminders of the conditions to which the constuction team had to live with! Well worth  the Walk/Mountain Bike/4×4 Drive…

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