OxygeN 1.0.3 for HTC Desire (Bravo)

I was going to do this last night but I got distracted and simply didn’t get around to writing, anyhow it is just as well because overnight there was another release of OxygeN. and I’ve had some really great Quadrant scores from this ROM that have simply left some other custom ROM’s lagging behind! Yes, I do realise that its not always about speed, functionality and stability rate high as well, after all what’s the point in having your phone freeze or simply misbehave when you need to use it!

In the last two images I have used the stock stetting of 998MHz (first result) then in the second I’ve used  SetCPU to over clock the CPU to the maximum allowed by the kernel and as you can see there is an increase, but at a sacrifice to both the battery & CPU life. I keep my phone CPU at stock speed for general use, as it provides both the better battery and of course it doesn’t put the strain from the heat generated, and I can say the phone gets very hot QUICKLY! so if you choose to over clock your phone be aware that you are essentially shortening the life by doing so! you have been warned  😉

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