Oxygen ROM by AdamG (froyo 2.2.1)

On my quest to seek out new ROM’s for my HTC Desire I’ve recently stumbled across Oxygen, created by AdamG (creator of Opendesire) So on first impressions the download size is only 48mb! yes that’s right only 48mb. So if you’re aware most AOSP ROM’s are around the 70mb size so what’s missing? well I’m not exactly sure! but I did notice that the Gapps (Google applications) package that you need to flash with Cyanogenmod includes both Facebook & Twitter however they are not included in Oxygen.  I suppose that because these are updated regularly it’s better to leave them out as not everyone wants the social networking applications!

I ran Quadrant just to compare the figures that I had from using Cyanogenmod nightly (build #205) and well I’m just scratching my head because the result from Oxygen is close to 300 points higher than Cyanogenmod and that is without any CPU overclock or manipulating of the results.  Just to prove that I’m not misleading you here is a screen capture of the Quadrant score…


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