New (old) UPS on Server!

I received a generous donation of a SOLA-330 UPS yesterday! (Thanks Matt)  this has been deployed and is now in-line with my Server,  DSL & Switch.  So now those pesky outages won’t cause unnecessary downtime!

Now I just need to get the pin-out for the serial interface to the UPS so I can configure the server to shutdown if the power is out for longer time than the UPS can provide!

Australia Day !!!

Title: Australia Day !!!
Location: A BBQ near YOU !!!
Description: On this day it is mandatory to over cook sangs and drink lots of beer !!! 😀
Start Time: 0:00
Date: 2009-01-26
End Time: 23:59

Moin wiki has been removed!

I was making a comparison between Mediawiki & Moin. I’ve decided to used Mediawiki for the task! so I have removed Moin from my server… so this URL is now now longer valid…

If you have bookmarked this URL then please delete it! 😀

Awstats vs Webalizer!

I have just installed Awstats. This is another utility to monitor your website stats. I was using webalizer, but this doesn’t go into the depth of analysing that awstats does! so see for yourself… I have removed webalizer!)

.pl(update: I have since restricted access to my local LAN!)

I will remove webalizer at the end of the month, just so I can compare the two applications, but so far awstats is lookinng to be the better choice! what do you think ???

(update: webalizer was removed and I no longer use it)

TinyTrak4 Wiki

I’m attempting to put together a Wiki for the Byonics TinyTrak4 packet tracker.  Now the concept behind a wiki is great but learning the “lingo” has been interesting! but I’m slowly getting there! Please look at the following URL to access…

I’d appreciate any feedback and or additions.