Australia Day !!!

Title: Australia Day !!!Location: A BBQ near YOU !!!Description: On this day it is mandatory to over cook sangs and drink lots of beer !!! :DStart Time: 0:00Date: 2009-01-26End Time: 23:59

Moin wiki has been removed!

I was making a comparison between Mediawiki & Moin. I've decided to used Mediawiki for the task! so I have removed Moin from my server... so this URL is now now longer valid... If you have bookmarked this URL then please delete it! 😀

Awstats vs Webalizer!

I have just installed Awstats. This is another utility to monitor your website stats. I was using webalizer, but this doesn't go into the depth of analysing that awstats does! so see for yourself... I have removed webalizer!) .pl(update: I have since restricted access to my local LAN!) I will remove webalizer at the … Continue reading Awstats vs Webalizer!

TinyTrak4 Wiki

I'm attempting to put together a Wiki for the Byonics TinyTrak4 packet tracker.  Now the concept behind a wiki is great but learning the "lingo" has been interesting! but I'm slowly getting there! Please look at the following URL to access... I'd appreciate any feedback and or additions.


UPDATE: the gallery plug in was removed so images are no longer available Here are some photos of my TinyTrak4D. As you can see the case size is rather large compared to it's contents! However, I'm planning on placing a small switch-mode power supply in there so that I then have the option to either … Continue reading TinyTrak4D