New (old) UPS on Server!

I received a generous donation of a SOLA-330 UPS yesterday! (Thanks Matt)  this has been deployed and is now in-line with my Server,  DSL & Switch.  So now those pesky outages won’t cause unnecessary downtime! Now I just need to get the pin-out for the serial interface to the UPS so I can configure the … Read more

Awstats vs Webalizer!

I have just installed Awstats. This is another utility to monitor your website stats. I was using webalizer, but this doesn’t go into the depth of analysing that awstats does! so see for yourself… I have removed webalizer!) .pl(update: I have since restricted access to my local LAN!) I will remove webalizer at the … Read more

TinyTrak4 Wiki

I’m attempting to put together a Wiki for the Byonics TinyTrak4 packet tracker.  Now the concept behind a wiki is great but learning the “lingo” has been interesting! but I’m slowly getting there! Please look at the following URL to access… I’d appreciate any feedback and or additions.


UPDATE: the gallery plug in was removed so images are no longer available Here are some photos of my TinyTrak4D. As you can see the case size is rather large compared to it’s contents! However, I’m planning on placing a small switch-mode power supply in there so that I then have the option to either … Read more

Packet Radio Station

UPDATE: the gallery plug in was removed so images are no longer available As my hobby is Amateur Radio, one of my main interest is Packet Radio. Now just what is Packet Radio ???  Packet Radio is as the title implies, that is that DATA is sent in packets (short bursts) over a radio.There are … Read more

Random Ramblings

Random Ramblings… OK this is my first Blog post for 2009. The answers to the questions that were not asked are… No I did not get totally drunk, I still have both eyebrows! and yes I did sleep in on New Years morning. Now seriously… What I’ve been working on over the last few days, … Read more

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