Raspberry Pi Addiction!

I think it’s fair to say that I’ve got a little attraction for the Raspberry Pi.  I got my first in early 2013 at a time when I wasn’t able to play with it straight away due to other commitments (it was bushfire season and I was volunteering for the Tasmanian Fire Service. Since then I’ve got a small collection! they have been used for different things and at one point I was hosting this blog until after six months of MySql queries finally killed the sdcard (thank you backups!) so I no longer self host this blog but the experiment proved that it can be done however it’s better to not rely on SDCard media as there’s a limit to the amount of read/write cycles and eventually it will fail! so back up, back up back up if you are keeping anything important.

So I currently have the following Raspberry Pi’s, 1x Pi1 Model B, 1x Pi1 Model B+, 1x Pi1 Model A+, 2x Pi2 Model B and 1x Pi Zero and the current arrangement for the Pi’s is as follows…

  • Pi1 Model B being used as my APRS T2 server (amateur radio)
  • Pi1 Model B+ uploading weather data from a Lacrosse ws-2310 to Weather UnderGround.
  • Pi2 Model B using a RTL2832u DVB for Flight Radar 24 uploading ADS-B aircraft data.
  • Pi Zero setup with Transmission for seeding the current Noobs/lite and Raspbian/lite images.
  • Pi1 Model A+ has a PiNoIR and I’ve been occasionally using it to monitor things in the dark!
  • The others are currently resting (for now!)

So I’ve gone a bit link crazy but at least if you don’t know about something I’ve linked it to save your google foo! 😉

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