Revised plugins & add-ons

I’ve been going through the add-on/plugins that I use on my blog as there are a few now that I haven’t used for some time but had them still installed just inactive. So I’ve removed most that haven’t been in use for about the last six months or so! But I’ve recently (due to getting a new phone!) started using Plurk and so I went looking on the WordPress extend to see if there were any plugins for informing plurk that I have made some noise on my blog (err kinda like this!) as it turns out there are so I’ve settled on WP-Plurk, as I only want to let plurk know that something has happened on my blog, not pollute my blog with any other announcements that I may make there! This is a common issue I find with most social network plug-ins, they either want to simply flood your blog with whatever you mention or add widgets or sidebar options to post to said social media services.

So I’ll give this one a try for a while and see how it goes, if it causes any trouble then of course I’ll have to remove it and either seek an alternate option or just not bother with it.

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