Second Hand NBN?

Yet again Tasmanians will lose out on the latest announcement from Canberra. This goes against all that was said during the September 2013 election campaign (no surprises there really)

NBN rollout: Telstra, NBN Co, Malcolm Turnbull announce deal to deliver quicker, cheaper network

So Telstra and Optus are the winners as they profit from the sale of their HFC cables the humble end user will get a sub standard internet connection.

Turnbull announces deal with Telstra and Optus to use pay-TV cables for NBN

So clearly this is not what the people voted for? I certainly don’t recall this as being an option! because if it had I’m pretty sure that the outcome of the election might have been different. This Government has shown it’s true colours, lie about your election promise and then lie about not lying about said election promise…  But I suppose that me writing this won’t matter because unless you’re on a high speed fibre connection you won’t be able to read this!





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