Self Hosted StatusNet (aka !feds)

Well although I’m not as active as I once was on  I’ve decided to set up my StatusNet instance (again!) on this server. OK you just saw that “again” in brackets what’s with that? Well a while back I attempted to do a similar thing but failed due to my inadequateness to make sense of some of the basics to make your own instance talk to others via Oauth. Well after some help from a few peeps on the !feds group I now have all that sorted (rather easy really I just was not making sense of the docs AGAIN!)

So at this stage this is purely for my own purposes, meaning that I’ve no likely intention to open it up for user registration (aka

Ok now you can bet that the recent amount of downtime that has experienced will have been fixed and all of this will have been for nothing! but maybe not because this time round I’ve learnt something!  🙂

Update: I’ve recently deleted my account on in preference to using my own setup!





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