Server Monitoring with Icinga

Do you run your own server? if so, what do you use to monitor the services that you run?

You may have heard of Nagios? But have you heard of Icinga?

Icinga is a fork from Nagois, to always remain backward compatible (feature dependant) with Nagois. So why would I chose Icinga over Nagios?

Icinga Project´s Mission

  • Icinga aims to be the best choice for open source enterprise monitoring.
  • Icinga promises new, long-awaited features while maintaining a clear upgrade path for existing Nagios installations.
  • Icinga will enable easy extension of system functionality through a clearly defined addon API. Thus addons for Icinga do not need to deal with access rights or data access privileges as these functions will be centrally provided by the API
  • Icinga contributors will maintain open communication inside and outside the project
  • Icinga developers will focus on features, usability and scalability of Icinga for our users.
  • Icinga is an open-source project, publishing its work under the GNU General Public License.

I use Icinga to monitor the following services on my sever…

  • FTP
  • SSH
  • SMTP
  • HTTP
  • IMAP
  • Disk Space
  • System Load

And so far all is working well and I’m most happy with the way that Icinga is developing…

Here is the system summary …

Screenshot-Icinga - Mozilla Firefox

Services break down…

Screenshot-Icinga - Mozilla Firefox-1

Alert summary…

Screenshot-Icinga - Mozilla Firefox-2

So as you can see from these images the current layout is very similar to Nagois but this is about to change in version 0.8.3 for more details on Icinga visit…

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