Server Upgrade o/

Well I’ve done it! my server has now been upgraded to Jaunty! the process was smooth and painless. I did however make one small mistake, I started the upgrade via ssh! Just a word of advice, DON’T attempt to do it this way! because your network services will be taken down during the process and your left with no means to communicate anymore! All was not lost as my server lives with me so I just had to login locally to continue.

The process overall took just over an hour to complete! most of this time was spent downloading the new packages! So apart form my mistake, the outcome has been great!  I’m now just checking everything to make sure it all still works…





One response to “Server Upgrade o/”

  1. Scott Evans Avatar

    I’ve finished testing all my web pages and other services related to them and all is working just fine… 🙂

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