Sharing Printers using CUPS (a win yay!!)

Gahh… after some searching google I’ve finally found a solution to the problem I’ve had ever since I first started using Linux! “How to share a printer” OK,  OK… hang on I hear ya! what you don’t know how to share a printer! Let me clarify myself… I knew how to share the printer, but I didn’t know what to do with the client PC to connect to said shared printer! OK do you want the answer?

This is for Ubuntu users as it may vary on other Linux systems!

Click on SYSTEM



you now have in front of you, Gnome’s Printer Configuration!

Click on SERVER

Click on NEW

Click on PRINTER

Then select the Internet Printing Protocol (IPP)

Then in the HOST put your IP or host name of the PC that has the printer attached. Then click on FIND QUEUE and select your printer then VERIFY… and hey presto your almost done! Oh and if you have a firewall you will need to allow access on port 631 or nothing is going to work beyond your localhost! Now CUPS is sharing the printers! Oh and another thing, you also have to (in CUPS) is set the printer that you want to share to be PUBLISHED and then your done! Now how easy was that! 😀

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