Slow performance on my blog…

Over the last few days I have noticed that the performance has been rather “average” on my Blog! This is notably worse on the admin pages (taking anything between 30-60 seconds to load!) So I’ve gone through the usual debug things like firstly to disable ALL installed plugins (yes performance is restored!) So I then go onto enabling each plugin one by one to attempt to locate the plugin that is causing the grief, only to find that once I have 4 plugins enabled things start to slow down, So I’ve then gone back to disabling all and select another couple and again as soon as I hit 4 plugins enabled I was suffering again! So what is causing me this grief?

Well reviewing the logs there is nothing indicating that there is a problem! So I have upped the memory limit in PHP5 (was 64M now 128M) but his hasn’t seemed to remedy the situation either! So I decided it was time to test a fresh install of WordPress to see if this suffered the same, and it did 🙁

So I’m still attempting to resolve the issue, all the other web applications installed are not affected it’s only WordPress. I’ve been using the bleeding edge for a few months now (currently at 3.0 alpha) but the test install I used 2.9.1 (current stable) So I’m still scratching my head to find out where things aren’t working as they should. I’ve also run some tests over the SQL table and they all check out just fine!

If you have any advice … I’m listening!

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