Snow, Rain, Cold… Oh yeah that's Tassie!

Brrr… well the cold front that was mentioned on the weather report last night has hit! currently 8.5°C !!! Oh and did I mention that its COLD! and raining with a little sleet! Now we are 155m ASL and it was expected to snow to the 400m level well it may actually snow to a lower level but only settle above the 400m mark! either way it’s still COLD! Now for the weather enthusiast’s, here are the two images from the BOM showing just what is upon us! 

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2 Responses to Snow, Rain, Cold… Oh yeah that's Tassie!

  1. Scott Evans says:

    Oh and just as I posted this I re-checked the current Temp and it had dropped to 7.5 :/

  2. Scott Evans says:

    The link to the BOM page refered to has since been deleted!

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