SPAM! Did I get your attention ?

Well as we are forced daily to deal with unwanted stuff, weather this be Email, catalogues, To the House Holder or even now on Skype!

I’ve recently been getting a lot of request from so called “contacts” wanting to be added, but they have spam in their request (mainly aimed at anatomy enlargement!) In Skype Version you have the option to both block & report as spam, However what happens to those you flag as spam? OK well in the help (when placing a block on somebody) you have a link called Help this doesn’t say much to what happens! but at least there is an option.

I’ve also found that on this blog the default Akismet plug-in does a fair job in stopping any spam from making it into your blog comments, but the one thing it doesn’t do is prevent “bots” from flooding you with random crap! So I also use re-CAPTCHA now this is a nifty plug-in (in this case WordPress) and it is just the thing for stopping bots dead in there tracks!

So as you can see, you have to enter two words that are generated at random and also are in an image format so re-CAPTCHA its self is ensuring that it can’t be compromised. You can also use this to protect Email addresses as well (as I do on my contact page)  So this is how I deal with SPAM pests on my Blog & Skype.

Email is another story! as I run my own mail server I use Amavis-New, Spamassassin & ClamAV and  this does a very good job of keeping the mail free from spam pests. Actually, the Email side is a double protection as it is both scanning the mail for viruses & spam! and yes I use Linux, so why bother with virus checking? well the way I see it to rid incoming mail of viruses then ensures that they are not spread to infect the target systems they have been written for namely Microsoft Windows!

So there you have it…  😀

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