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TASMANIA Police has denied new speed cameras do not work effectively because of design defects.

Reports today claimed the mobile laser speed camera’s effectiveness was limited because it could not work properly through protective glass covers.

But Inspector Mark Beech-Jones said the cameras were working fine and would work even better when upgraded.

“They are capturing and detecting people speeding. When they were launched last week, they caught someone speeding. Yesterday the one in southern region photographed 2000 cars,” he said.

He said the cameras had a range of 70m. But by replacing the perspex covers, their range would increase to 110m.

“The cost to change the perspex will be under $500 in total. It’s only a piece of perspex we’re changing to improve the range.

“There’s nothing wrong with the equipment. There’s nothing wrong with the trailer.”

The cameras were mainly used in urban settings, where range was not a critical issue, he said.

Inspector Beech-Jones also rejected suggestions the camera mounts were on the wrong side of the trailers, saying there were four mounts in each and the operator could move the camera depending on the road and conditions.

Three mobile laser speed camera trailers were launched last week.

They were funded by the Motor Accidents Insurance Board to the tune of $42,000.

Sourced from The Mercury

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