State Government Rejects Unions Pay Freeze Deal

Tassie’s public sector pay-freeze war is over

The declaration that the so called “war is over” on the public sector pay freeze is total crap! This government never had any intention of working with unions. The liberals stated their intention to cull the public sector by 700 jobs and now it’s clear that the intended cuts would involve unions and the plan was to play hard ball and simply claim that unions weren’t going to negotiate throughout the process.  Now let’s watch this space closely, because you can be assured that any cost blow out will be by default the previous Labor fault (mark my words) It’s my firm belief that the forced redundancies haven’t been fully funded so there’s going to be further cuts to front line services.  Any cuts should start within the government itself, politicians are getting it way to easy to cut important services and never looking for savings within its own sector.  I bet politicians get yet another pay increase before their first term of government is complete.  I hope that unions stand their ground and make it as difficult as legally possible over the coming months…

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