MMDVM Hotspot with ZUMspot Pi

So I've entered the relatively new digital modes (for me anyway) of DMR & YSF. This requires either a digital repeater or personal hotspot to access. The popular way to do this is with a software suite called MMDVM and currently there's two Raspberry Pi images available that take care of having to build everything … Continue reading MMDVM Hotspot with ZUMspot Pi

Raspberry Pi SSTV

Here's an article for using your Raspberry Pi as a SSTV transmitter! (similar to the Raspberry PiFM project) Raspberry Pi Slow Scan Television (SSTV) Camera As mentioned in the article above the source can be downloaded from GitHub

Meadowbank Fire activates Cambridge IMT

I got a phone call at around 17:45 to ask me what I had planned for the evening! I was just a little non committal at first, but after I phoned the contact from the IMT the picture was looking pretty grim so I put aside my reluctance and headed to Cambridge. This is the … Continue reading Meadowbank Fire activates Cambridge IMT

T2TAS First Birthday

Oh I overlooked T2TAS first birthday! Back in December 2010 I applied to become part of the T2 server network. It's now just a little over a year since then and for me I believe that it was a good decision to pursue. At the time of applying there was only two T2 servers located … Continue reading T2TAS First Birthday

TinyTrak4 & Bluetooth

I was recently contacted by Byon (the developer of the TinyTrak) asking me if I was a user of APRSdroid. As I have an Android phone (HTC Desire A8183) I certainly do use APRSdroid! so I was asked┬áto test out a serial bluetooth device for use with the TinyTrak4. Here's an image is of the … Continue reading TinyTrak4 & Bluetooth