TinyTrak4 & Bluetooth

I was recently contacted by Byon (the developer of the TinyTrak) asking me if I was a user of APRSdroid. As I have an Android phone (HTC Desire A8183) I certainly do use APRSdroid! so I was asked to test out a serial bluetooth device for use with the TinyTrak4. Here's an image is of the … Continue reading TinyTrak4 & Bluetooth

Images in posts?

I've just noticed that most of the images that should be visible within posts appear as broken links!  All the images are on the server, there seems to be something wrong within WordPress, or mySQL. At first I thought no problem, that's an easy fix...  No its not! as this will require me to edit … Continue reading Images in posts?

IPv6/4 Dual Stack With Billion 7404VGOX

I've just enabled IPv6 on my ADSL router (Billion 7404VGOX) So I just need to find out if the IPv6 assigned to me is dynamic or static because if it's static I can then enable routing for my T2TAS APRS server. I've only been trying to get this working for around 3 months! Amazing what … Continue reading IPv6/4 Dual Stack With Billion 7404VGOX

APRS Client Applications for Android

For us Amateur Radio peeps that have Android phones and wish to play with APRS without the need for a radio or if you are just interested in what it's all about, then there are currently two applications that will achieve this. However both of them are not currently included in the Google Market so … Continue reading APRS Client Applications for Android

Tier2 APRS-IS network…

Below is an image of the current Tier2 APRS-IS network, at a glance you can see how it's been broken into regions   asia.aprs2.net for Asia aunz.aprs2.net for Oceania euro.aprs2.net for Europe and Africa noam.aprs2.net for North America soam.aprs2.net for South America As the end user, you can simply choose to connect directly to any … Continue reading Tier2 APRS-IS network…