• Pictures of Pi

    RasPi 1 is T2TAS (APRSC) aka VK7HSE-1/4 (APRX) This is the Raspberry Pi Model B RasPi 2 is currently setup with Ras Pi Cam Control keeping an eye on the server room! This is the Raspberry Pi Model B+ RasPi 3 is this blog (vk7hse.org) and email.  This is the Raspberry Pi 2 model B

  • Raspberry Pi(s) Online

    I’ve finally got around to completing the transfer of data for my Website, Email, File server, T2TAS & APRS iGate/Digi services. I’m using a model B for the APRS duties with the VHF port using TNCPi kiss tnc and still using the old faithful PK-232MBX & USB to serial converter for the HF port. For the website […]

  • T2TAS First Birthday

    Oh I overlooked T2TAS first birthday! Back in December 2010 I applied to become part of the T2 server network. It’s now just a little over a year since then and for me I believe that it was a good decision to pursue. At the time of applying there was only two T2 servers located […]

  • 4th January marks 3 years!

    Wow has it really been that long? I started experimenting with WordPress back in June 2008 with the intention of setting up a site for the company I was working for so that it was the were to get information within the company (intranet) However, as most things tended to never happen there it was […]

  • APRS Client Applications for Android

    For us Amateur Radio peeps that have Android phones and wish to play with APRS without the need for a radio or if you are just interested in what it’s all about, then there are currently two applications that will achieve this. However both of them are not currently included in the Google Market so […]

  • Tier2 APRS-IS network…

    Below is an image of the current Tier2 APRS-IS network, at a glance you can see how it’s been broken into regions   asia.aprs2.net for Asia aunz.aprs2.net for Oceania euro.aprs2.net for Europe and Africa noam.aprs2.net for North America soam.aprs2.net for South America As the end user, you can simply choose to connect directly to any […]

  • Tier2 status approved, VK7HSE-JS now T2TAS

    Today I received confirmation that my request to become part of the Tier2 APRS-IS network was successful. So what does this mean for fellow Amateur Radio operators that use the packet mode refereed to as APRS? Well not much really! only that I’m now part of the Oceania rotation network, so should you be using aunz.aprs2.net for your connection within […]

  • Application for T2 APRS Server (VK7HSE-1)

    Soon I will be applying to become a T2 APRS server as Australia currently has two active T2 servers I’m sure that by me adding to this network will provide some more redundancy and assist the APRS community. The process is quite straight forward, and for some time now the only requirement I was lacking […]

  • APRS Applications for Android

    So as you would know, I now have an Android phone. So one of my first tasks was to see if there was anything in the “Market” for use with APRS. I’ve found two, however the second is not in the default market but does reside in another Android application source. APRS View: As the […]

  • APRS I-Gate update (server swap)

    Effective from today I have retired my IBM NetVista (second server) that was hosting my APRS I-Gate VK7HSE-3. I have moved my  APRS I-Gate to my main server. Whilst I was at it this gave me a chance to remove excess dust build up from within the IBM eServer 220. I have to admit, I […]